Staying connected in our new world

Learning to staying connected without physical connection is a new skill that we have had to learn. Some of you have had to start understanding a new technology.  For others, perhaps you’ve had to move your service or product to the virtual world.  Either way, it has been a learning curve for all globally. 

Connecting without touch or being in the presence of another is not always easy.  It means building bonds via technology.  cooperate 2924261 640This starts with clear communication.  It is also a case of wrapping your mind around a new way of communicating – writing or video-conferencing means we lose levels of interaction and understanding we would have in person.  But we also gain much – a means to be vulnerable without fear since we are in our personal environment; the means to dictate who we wish to speak to and for how long; perhaps even the courage to express things we may feel uncomfortable saying in person.  For each of us this is different.

 It is so important to be constantly connecting with others so we can keep growing, keep developing ourselves and keep learning.  To make sure you are connecting with people, set up a call each day with a different friend, starting with those you been meaning to meet but haven’t had the time.  As we are all on an equal playing field right now, we can connect with anyone globally at almost no expense. 

Then there is connection with self. 

Who are you without all the external white noise?

Who do you want to be? This is a special time – it is the first time we as humanity have a moment of stillness in our lives; a moment to learn about our characters, personalities and desires.

What have you learned about yourself through this crisis?  Take a moment, grab your journal and answer the following 3 questions:

  • What skill have I discovered or developed?
  • What habit or practice has best served me in crisis?
  • What have I learned about myself emotionally and where do I want to grow?

Maybe you have been in a space where you have not felt up to doing anything.  Maybe you just needed this time to be and do nothing.  On one hand there is all this negative news, and on the other, all this pressure to be more.  If you haven’t been up to doing anything, that’s okay too.  Perhaps you needed down time to recharge your battery. 

Now that you have had a few weeks of pause, what would you like to do at this moment that makes you happy?  If you cannot do it yet, write it down for later.  What can you do right now? Just do one thing today that brings you joy, makes you feel alive and energized, even if it is dancing around your house. Choose your one thing each day.  This is a start to connecting with yourself and giving yourself permission to want and to dream.  It is also a way to start acknowledging to yourself that you are worthy of whatever you desire no matter what your past experiences have been. 

Show up for you and know that this is your time to design your future, one small step at a time.  You can choose you and no one can stop you.  If we ever needed a reason to choose to live for ourselves, then we have just been given the reason. 

What one thing that brings you joy are you doing today?

I would love to hear from you.  Email me and let me know.

Be Well, Be Blessed