Empowered communication

In this new world, we need to adapt the way we think or we will get left behind.  For some, this means braving the world of technology and for others it means figuring out how to live, work and play at home.  One of the keys to effectively surviving this lock-down period, no matter where in the world you are, is knowing how to effectively communicate with those around you – colleagues, children, partners or spouses, and friends.  Speaking so that others will listen, listening with focus and coming from a solution-oriented point of view are essential.

When video conferencing used to be a choice, we could decide to go out and do things in person instead.  Now we must learn to adapt to using video conferencing for everything.  This means hours in front of a screen.

So how do you make technology your friend?

  • First off by resting your eyes frequently – every twenty minutes take a walk or just look up and away from your screen to give your eyes a break.
  • Second, take time to study a tutorial or ask for help in learning the online communication platform you now have to use. Get someone to give you a walk-though to help you understand what you need to do and how to do it.  Get comfortable with whatever platform you are now using.  This will take the pressure off and you can focus on the work you are doing or the conversation you are having.
  • When communicating via video conferencing, we need to bridge the gap between us and the person or group we are facing. You may be dealing with someone in another country or the same town, but no matter who you are communicating with, you need to connect with the person, give them your full focus, smile and listen.  Cut out all distractions in the background so you can focus on them.   You want to achieve the same results with a colleague as you would in-person.  When on a group call you still want your voice to be heard and to be able to express your point of view.

Being able to communicate while in our own space can empower us and can also allow us to let go, since we can be Blog 1 Empowered Communicationvulnerable without fear. We can also express ourselves more boldly and say things we might not be willing to say in person. For each of us this is different.  However, for some, time spent sitting down and being forced to remain in their home environment can bring up old wounds and traumatic experiences from the past.

  • Keep in mind that you are in your space and don’t need to get up and leave but simply press a button. You can dictate who to speak to and for how long! You have complete control of the situation and can leave at any time should the moment get too much to deal with.
  • Pick a spot or room in your home where you will be video conferencing from. Then fill that space with things that calm you, make you feel empowered and remind you of your strength and courage.  Fill it will little things that you can look at, maybe pick up and hold, to get you through a conversation.  The energy of your space should empower you. 
  • Next, decide on how long a specific conversation will be and then arrange it that way.
  • After the call, see what helped, what you struggled with, what you need to add or remove from your space that will make things better next time. Since you control your environment, you choose what works and what doesn’t.  Take advantage of this control and let it guide you by examining your emotions after each call.  This will also help you on your healing journey. 
  • Find your support system. This includes someone who uplifts and empowers you through this time.  If you don’t have someone like that right now, email me.

What has this new form of communication taught you about yourself?  I would love to hear from you.

Be well, Be Blessed