Step 1. Maintaining Conscious Dialogue

When last did you have a bad day and blame someone else for making it that way? Yes, I’m talking to you, dear Reader!

What if every time you spoke or interacted with someone, you could leave the conversation feeling better than before?

Relationships define our lives.  In every aspect of our lives, whether it is work, family, social gathering or even your relationship with yourself, your interactions with others define your day, your success in certain situations, being seen, heard and understood.

To find true balance in life you need to maintain sacred relationships.

Relationships in which we all make a commitment to support each other’s growth and wellness because we believe in each other’s innate goodness and  highest potential, are sacred relationships.  

In this 14 step blog series I’ll be sharing more on how to maintain sacred relationships and find balance in your life.

Today we’ll look at the first step:

Step 1. Maintaining Conscious Dialogue-

This means using active listening and listening with the heart. Are you preparing to respond, disconnect, question or interpret everything that is said – or are you JUST listening? silhouette heart

 In order to maintain a conscious dialogue you must always check in with yourself. Ask yourself if you are feeling defensive, anxious to speak or eager to give advice or respond.

Instead of reacting, ask what is expected of you and what is being asked of you. Does the person you are interacting with want assistance understanding something? Do they need a response from you? Or do they simply want someone to listen? 

A good tool to ensure understanding between you and the person you are speaking to is: Repeat to them what you have heard them say and confirm that you have heard them correctly.  Say, “What I hear you say is…”

When providing feedback, remember that you are responding honestly, but in a way, that is going to support the growth and wellness of the other, doing no harm to either yourself or the other.  Think about how will they best accept what you are sharing and reflecting to them.  This usually requires a certain degree of self-awareness as well as your ability to be aware of other’s needs.

Do you maintain conscious dialogue?    Think about this and answer it honestly.

What outcome have you experienced from a time when you listened with the heart?

Let me know your thoughts, dear Reader. Let’s support each other in our quest to maintain sacred relationships.