Step 5. Accepting Continuous Evolution

Who you are might not recognise who you were 15 years ago. 

Change affects all things including ourselves.  Each new experience, interaction, job, even our social groups we spend time in   – all of these have an effect on us and make us grow and change.

Every day we grow in little ways; and over time in big ways.  This evolution allows us to fully understand and know ourselves.

Change has a ripple effect in our lives – every bit we evolve affects our relationships in every area of our lives.

Have you ever studied something new, maybe travelled, dealt with major life challenges or had a profound experience, and thereafter when you took time to look around you, found that relationships around you felt different.  Some you lost, some you gained and some left you feeling lost.

So how do you incorporate your personal growth into your relationships?

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Step 5. Accepting Continuous Evolution:  


We are always changing, evolving and growing as individuals and in our relationships. 

Know that you and your partner are always growing and changing – reaching for, evolving and growing. 

Allow for the changes; don’t assume that your partner cannot change. 

Allow yourself to be content, and encourage the growth.

 Make room for the new truths, discoveries and evolutions.

 Know that you can show up different each time – don’t keep each other stuck in the past – move as you move.

It takes both your and your partner working together to achieve a successful, healthy relationship.


  • Would you be friends with the person you were 15 or 20 years ago, dear Reader?
  • Do you think that the evolution you have experienced recently has help to better your life and circumstances?
  • Have you and your partner allowed each other the space to grow and evolve?