Step 4. Holding Each Other to Their Truths

“Beliefs are choices. First you choose your beliefs. Then your beliefs affect your choices.”  ~ Roy T. Bennett

At one time or another, we have all listened to what is being said but in our minds not truly believed it.  This doubt we created inadvertently built a wall between ourselves and the people we were communicating with.

Doubt is wily, creating new truths and beliefs to match our ideas, fears and anxieties.  Just believing the truth in the face of self-created doubt is hard.  It takes work to get this one right.

So how does one go about getting this right? Onto step 4.

4. Holding Each other to their truths:

Choose to believe even when you wonder if what is being offered is the truth. You agree to be honest and to open yourself up to trusting, letting go of the fear of dishonesty.  

Assume honesty at all costs, until the assumption is confirmed.4.truth relationships

Trust what is being said, even when the illusions in our minds tell us differently.

Always be honest – even if it hurts.

Agree to shift the gears in the middle of confusion – choose clarity particularly in the darkness. 

Holding each other to your truth means expecting your partner to be who you know them to be, in their highest self. This means reminding them that you expect them to come from that place.  

It also means holding both ourselves and our partners to our highest being.

In creating scared relationships always remember that you are only half of the relationship, and thus are only half responsible for the success of the relationship. Only by working together can you achieve the ultimate sacred relationship.

  • In your current relationships, do you tend to come from a place of doubt or do you choose to believe first and act in your truth? Think about this and answer honestly to yourself, dear Reader.
  • What is your biggest fear in choosing belief over doubt?
  • In you next interaction, take a moment to come from your highest self.  Please share your discoveries from doing this.