The Different Types of Love

The focus of the month of February is on love.  Love comes in many different forms.  If we can truly embrace all types of love, starting with the love of self, we can create days of happiness in which we are living fully.

There are eight types of love.  These are the first four:


Philautic love is self-love. This type of love is the love of self, self-compassion, and self-worth.  Loving yourself allows you to love others fully. Only when you can love yourself, truly accept yourself, and feel comfortable in your own skin, can you love others unconditionally. It is about showing yourself unconditional love and embracing who you are. What you would give to others, give to yourself first so you can freely love others and show up fully in the world.


Philia love is affectionate love and deep friendship. This is the type of love between friends. It is a platonic love between equals who share a bond or experience; a connection of minds, loyalty, and deep, trusting friendship – a bond of shared respect. love 2552348 640


Ludus love is playful love. It is fun, flirtatious, and affectionate. This type of love is about the feelings we experience at the beginning of a relationship, when teasing, laughing and getting to know the other person. It encompasses feelings of infatuation, making you feel excited, giddy, and alive. 


Eros love is about passion, desire, romance, and attraction. It is the exciting, thrilling, and powerful experiences at the beginning stages of a relationship. Eros is a passionate, intense, primal love that brings out romantic and sexual feelings. This type of love runs hot but burns out fast. While thrilling, Eros needs to be combined with other types of love, or transform itself, to create a lasting relationship.

Recognizing the form of love present in your relationships is the beginning of creating healthy relationships with self and others.

What type of love are you experiencing most in your life?

Many Blessing