The different types of love – part 2

When are aware of the different types of love in our lives, it opens our eyes to how much love we are constantly surrounded by and allows us to see the world through the eyes of Source.  Being aware of this love raises us up to a better state of mind.

The remaining 4 four of the 8 types of love are:


Pragma love is long-lasting love. This is the love that has grown, matured, and endured over time. It is a bond between two people who have committed to each other, shared experiences, and made the conscious choice to grow together. This love is based on patience, tolerance, and commitment of both parties to grow their relationship and prioritize it. It is the practical love of commitment, conscious choice, and shared experience. This love is found between long-term couples and long- standing, deep friendships. It is a combination of passionate love, compassionate love, and connection.


Agape love is selfless love or unconditional love. This type of love is about having compassion,empathy, and showing love to all beings without question or expectation. It is pure, unconditional love with no attachments or boundaries. This love is about giving to others, showing loving kindness o all beings, and seeing others through the eyes of Source.


Storge love is love between family members, such as parents and children, siblings, and those who become family. It is a strong bond, built on safety, support, security, compassion, protectiveness and shared memories and experiences – a bond of kinship and allegiance.


And the non-love, the one to avoid… Mania love an obsessive love – a toxic or co-dependent relationship that is imbalanced, with one person becoming overly attached. It is the result of insecurity and low self-worth, with the person seeking to feel value through their obsession. This love is jealous, destructive love with the person practicing the mania, doing extreme, unhealthy acts to retain and control their partner’s love. 

Knowing the various types of love that have available is empcloud 2436676 640owering so we can be aware of the beautiful love surrounds us, and avoid those behaviors not base on unconditional love.

Is there a type of love you’d like to have more of in your life?

Many Blessings