The Sacral Chakra

The next chakra we are looking at is the sacral chakra.   The sacral chakra is located two finger widths below belly button and is the center of your creativity.  This chakra is linked to the emotional body.

The sacral chakra relates to feeling emotionally grounded, creative, sexually desirable and being filled with energy and passion.  It is the energy center for passion and pleasure – including emotions, sensuality, intimacy, connection, creativity, and our relationships with others.  Our creativity and passion comes from this chakra including physical pleasure such as painting, or crafting. Our emotional state is strongly tied to this chakra and influences our relationships, which in turn influence our emotional state.sacral 2533094 640

The energy of this chakra lets you feel change and transformation that is happening  in your body and is about discovering your personal power. It is about recognizing and using your talents and inner gifts to create your life as well as impacting the way you relate to others, and your creative explorations in life and relationships. 

 When this chakra is out of balance, perhaps because of trauma we have experienced, we are affected emotionally, psychologically and in our ability to interact with others.   To determine if your sacral chakra needs healing, take note of your thoughts, feelings, actions, interactions and physical body.

This chakra influences the harmony of the mind, emotions and body.  When functioning at peak, we experience life as a flow, and relationships we have are healthy and fulfilling.  We experience life through feelings and sensations – living in the moment, being present in our body, feeling passionate, creative and sensual, and being connected to our emotions.  We feel desire and playfulness, enjoy passionate love, experience openness to others.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, we may be faced with confidence issues, overthinking things, or have addictions to things that bring instant pleasure.  We experience the darker emotions of anger, guilt, and volatile emotional states, being wishy-washy, and suppressing our natural needs.  We may find our creativity is blocked, have difficulty in relationships, have trouble with our emotional identity and expressing sexuality,  feel unable to form intimate connections with others, be uninterested in expressing ourselves, or feel emotionally numb.

Your sacral chakra likely needs healing if you have been body-shamed, abused, had toxic relationships, faced indoctrination or conditioning based on the environment your grew up in, had a restrictive upbringing, or were forced to control your emotions and became disconnected from them.   Sometimes imbalances show up physically, while at other times they may trigger deep emotional wounds that need healing. 

This chakra is connected to water, and our sense of taste.  The color orange represents this chakra. 

Healing the sacral chakra allows us to live a rich, full, creative life.

A few ways to create an energy shift in the sacral chakra:

Allow yourself a deep emotional release such as screaming, laughing or crying.

Express yourself though a creative activity such taking an art class, or do a craft to allow yourself to unlock your creative side. 

  • If the first thing you do doesn’t fit, explore other ways to creatively express yourself. 
  • Allow your creativity to flow without focusing on perfection.

Become aware of your emotions. 

  • Sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and go within. 
  • What feelings come to the surface for you?  
  • Allow these feeling to be, acknowledge them no matter what they are, and then release the negative emotions. 
  • I will go deeper into this in the next blog.

Affirmations for this chakra: 

  • I am open, aware and ready to form connections.  
  • I recognize that I am an emotional being and honor my emotional needs.
  • I am creative, confident and passionate.  
  • I am the creator of my world and I have the power to create the life I choose.
  • I see the joy and beauty in all things around me.
  • I am a strong, capable, sensual being.  
  • I am worthy of having all my needs met. 
  • I express myself easily and freely.

In what way can you allow your creativity to flow?

Be Well, Be Blessed