Healing the Base Chakra

Your chakras are the energy centers of the body.  When these are out of alignment we see the effects in our lives. Just like the physical body, our energy can be “wounded” because of the life experiences we have.  But unlike in our physical body, we cannot see the wounds, only the effects of them.  The wounds are because our energy fields are in a state of chaos – this results in the dysfunction we experience in our external life.

To heal the base chakra, we need to re-establish our sense of safety and trust, making the world a safe space for ourselves again.  This chakra can become wounded at a very young age when we learn to shut off parts of ourselves in order to fit the expected molds, and secure love and acceptance.  When we feel as though we will be rejected or abandoned, we hide part of ourselves to avoid this experience, thereby creating an energy wound.  From this space, we shape our personality and life.  Hiding our true selves becomes a habit, and we can get so used to living according to others’ expectations that we forget who we really are – we forget what our heart’s desires are, and what makes us happy.  To heal this chakra, we need to move from fear to trust; we need to recreate the space of trust and security so we feel safe to truly express all parts of ourselves, and know that it is okay to be who we really are, allowing us to live our truth. The color red represents this chakra.chakra 3131630 640

The gifts associated with this chakra are:

  • Feelings of safety, security, stability. 
  • Old energy which no longer serves us is easily released and transmuted. 
  • Other physical gifts: good physical health, vitality, energy, and the ability to relax and be still. 
  • Mental gifts: concentration, clear thinking, and persistence. 
  • Emotional gifts: passion, love, determination, confidence, ease.  
  • Spiritual gifts:  a sense of trust of in the Universe and others.

The challenges associated with this chakra being out of balance: 

  • Lack of safety, security, and stability, and difficulty in letting go of negative energy.  
  • Physically challenges:  feeling disconnected from the body. 
  • Mental challenges: thinking negative thoughts and lack of focus.  
  • Emotional challenges: fear, feelings of depression, frustration, and resentment. 
  • Spiritual challenges: not connecting with your inner voice/spirit, lack of faith.

The process of healing the root chakra involves first becoming aware of where your thoughts, beliefs and actions come from; then working through fears and learning to trust that it is safe to be who you truly are; and finally clearing out the beliefs and energy of others to get to your voice.  In so doing you can access the gifts associated with this chakra – an indication that all is well with this energy center.

A few techniques to use:

Breathing, visualization, journaling:  

  • Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths.
  • What do you fear right now?  
  • Where did this fear stem from? 
  • What experience is associated with it? 
  • Write your answers in a journal.     
  • Now look back on the experience from an observer’s point of view.  Is this fear holding your back, stopping you from taking the action you desire?
  • Let’s flip it.  If you didn’t have this fear what could you do?  What would your life look like?  What would it feel like?Create a detailed, clear visualisation in your mind of what is possible.  Recognize that your fear is just an energy experience that you once created to protect yourself.  Forgive yourself, release this fear and let it go.  Know that you are safe, loved and secure – and you don’t have to do anything to earn it.

Yoga can be used to align the base chakra. 

  • Begin by setting the intention to release fear, shift your energy, ground yourself, create balance and trust in yourself. 
  • Poses include:  mountain pose, yogi squat, easy pose, extended child pose, standing forward bend, low lunge, corpse pose and bridge pose. 

Gemstones associated with the base chakra include jasper, garnet, and bloodstone. 

Various oils are available too.

Have you taken time to heal your base chakra?   What works for you?  Let me know.

Be well, Be Blessed