The Stories we tell ourselves

Our stories can empower us or they can limit us. We can define how we want our stories to play out. Your life is a canvas. Does the picture before you fit who you are, what your beliefs are and what you want? If not, rewrite you story. Change it.

Stories can change. They are based on our beliefs. Our beliefs areheart 741500 640 thoughts we keep thinking. As we change the thoughts we think on any given subject, we alter our belief system. In so doing, we change our stories.

We have the power to recreate our lives in ways that fit who we are. It starts by being more aware of thoughts we think, and the feelings we attach to those thoughts.

Start by paying close attention to your thoughts. As you see a thought come to the surface, ask yourself: Does this thought empower me? Does it feel good? Does it serve me?

If not, how can I make this a better thought?

As you teach yourself to think better thoughts, one thought at a time, you will become more aware of the beliefs you have created.

Be aware of the things you believe such as, “I can’t do that yoga pose, I am not athletic enough”, or “this always happens to me there must be something wrong with me”. That is just a belief that you created from a past experience, and you can change it one thought at a time. You could change it to, “I am not there yet – as I do more yoga, the pose will come.”

Remove the limitations you have placed on yourself by freeing your thoughts and beliefs that you created from past experiences, and shifting the thoughts to better ones each time. This will change the story you created on that subject. As you change each story to a better and more empowering story, you change your life picture.

You get to write your story the way it was always meant to be.

What story would you like to rewrite? Share and let me know.

Many Blessings,