The Ties That Bind

Our world is in flux and with so many changes, it has become a struggle to hold on to what we know as normal.  We are also having our eyes opened to the struggles and pain so many face daily.  All this change, all this pain, can leave us feeling lost and unbalanced.

No matter where in the world we are right now, we all have the same desires.  We want our friends and family safe and healthy; we want to reclaim our peace, our balance, and our normal. universe 4573369 640 This commonality among us shows us the truth that we can practice unity, understanding and love – at heart, we are all in the same place. 

While we might not control external circumstances, we can certainly control the way we react and what we bring to others through our interactions.

Decide to find one good thing each day and it will be there.

We can choose to see everything that is missing and that we have lost, or we can choose to find the good in every interaction.  Turn on the news or step outside your door and you might disagree with this statement.   The fact is, if you tell yourself to notice butterflies, you will constantly find butterflies everywhere.  Seek love in every interaction and you will find countless examples.   Go ahead and decide to find one good thing each day – observe the results that come.

Bring love to every experience

With every person you speak to, whether at the grocery store or on a call, bring love and understanding.  Be patient with those who rub you the wrong way; seek things to love about them. Ultimately they feel the same fears, have similar hopes, and need to feel safe and loved too.  Next time you find yourself in a difficult situation or dealing with a difficult person, show them the kindness, patience and love you would want shown to you.

Do one thing each day to feed your soul

To be able to share love and kindness with others, start with yourself.  Love yourself enough to rest when you need to do so.  Love yourself enough to take action each day to give yourself whatever you need.  Perhaps you need a long soak in the tub, listening to a meditation, reading a book or even just going for a stroll.  Feeding your soul will give you the strength to deal with tough situations and still come from a place of love.

Truly connect with others in every interaction

We are all hungry for connection, caring and kindness.  Reminding one another of all the good in the world by showing kindness and love, goes a long way to helping and healing ourselves and others.  Showing up and letting others know that you see them, hear them, and support them, creates unity and healing for them and you.

What experience did you have today that made a difference to you?

Be well, Be Blessed