Seeking Love

The overwhelming situations that exist right now globally can leave us feeling alone.  Yet, we are not alone.  We share many commonalities and have common needs regardless of where we are.  These include the need to be seen, heard, acknowledged and appreciated.  As much as we need to receive this, we can also give it.  Sharing love, kindness and understanding with another is the simplest and most powerful way to change our world.

Love exists through kindness, caring, compassion, understanding, friendship and the deep love we feel towards those closest to us.  If we seek love all round us, we will find it. 

Remind yourself of all the ways you are loved and all the ways you can return this love:

  • The basic human connection you get from another, such as a stranger smiling at you, someone starting a conversation with you while standing in a line, or a kind voice on the phone.
  • The honest, freely-given kindness from another, such as someone assisting you when they don’t have to, or someone doing something that saves you the effort of you having to do it yourself.
  • The love of friendship such as a friend who checks in on you through messages and phone calls, letting you know that you matter, your well-being matters and your happiness matters to them.
  • The love of family including the unique love gifted to you from your children, partner or relatives.
  • The love of being pushed out of your comfort zone, such as someone challenging you to be more or step up so that you can achieve your desires.
  • The love that comes from praise and acknowledgment, such as someone complimenting you publicly or telling others about your unique skills.Love

There are so many more examples and I challenge you to seek out all the love in your life that constantly comes your way.

Know that all this love is around you and recognize where it comes from – tap into it and in turn, share the love with others.

Acknowledge all the people who love you and the varied ways they show that love:

  • Show love in every interaction you have. This includes being patient, listening to others’ needs, and understanding rather than reacting.
  • Let those from whom you are receiving love know what it means to you. In turn practice acts of love toward them too.
  • Live in a space of gratitude by recognizing acts of love and caring towards you, and you will lift yourself up. This in turn will help boost those around you.

Whatever we seek, we will find.

Seek love and you will find love, kindness, caring , hope and understanding.

We choose how we feel.  We can choose to make others smile, to bring joy to each person we encounter, and to show love in every experience.

What loving act did you experience today that was both a surprise and a joy to you?

Be well, Be Blessed


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