Tools for self-empowerment

Empowerment is a never-ending and exciting journey.  Where you are today is different to where you were yesterday – emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.  This is because every interaction we have, from meeting people at work, watching television, reading the newspaper and so on, shapes us and our day.  This then changes the space we are in.

Thus we can go along without making a clear choice, allowing things that happen around us to still 2607441 640decide who we will become, or we can decide to take conscious action in shaping who we choose to be.  To make a conscious choice in our personal growth, we have to decide what we are going to allow into our lives in every way.  This means choosing.  Choose the books you read, who you spend time with and how you will spend your free time.  Although we have no control over certain things, eg. happenings at the work place, we do control more than we realize.

In order to bring healing to our lives, we need to take decisive steps to empower ourselves. Self-empowerment does not need finances to be accomplished.  All it takes is the personal commitment to yourself.  There are tons of free resources and classes with nominal costs that can get you started moving forward.

Here are a few tools you can use to empower yourself out of a dark place and struggle:


  • Meditation – this can be done at home, even using free guides online.
  • Breathing techniques – this calms the mind and relaxes the nervous system and body. Again there are plenty of free resources.
  • Gratitude practices – these help to redirect your focus and move you to a creative space.
  • Learning from those that have walked the path before you – listen to audios, watch videos, read books and blogs.

External tools:

  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Carving out time every day to do one thing to help yourself heal through the pain, whether emotional or physical.

I have not been specific about the tools since no two people have the same needs even if they have experienced similar trauma.  Find the tools and practices that work best for you.  You will know when you have found the right techniques for yourself since you will start seeing changes in your life. Each new step we take, no matter how small, brings us closer to where our souls need to be.  Persist and keep trying.  Should you need a helping hand, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Healing is a personal journey and you dictate its path and time-frame.  Choose you and start empowering yourself out of your darkness one small step at a time.

Be well, Be blessed