Empowerment through discovery

Now that we have taken the first step on our journey of self-empowerment, by taking an in-depth study of our lives, we have discovered where we would like to empower ourselves.
Each of us starts in a different place and has different growth areas, based on our own life experiences.  Even family members or couples in the same home start at different places.  Where you begin, how you move forward and how fast you go is entirely up to you.  It is YOUR journey and it cannot be compared to another.
How do you begin to empower yourself?  The idea of looking at everything you want to change and knowing that you now need to make these changes, can be daunting, so start small.
Begin by feeling the power from within as opposed to waiting for others to make you feel valuable.  Emotionally empower yourself by starting with your mind and believing in your right to learn, grow and develop no matter what those around you are telling you.  Never hold yourself back to please another.
Next, take little steps daily.  Discover one new thing about yourself every day.
  • What you like to eat?
  • What you like to do?
  • What skill can you discover within, that you weren’t aware of before?
  • What audio, video or book can help you to grow?
These steps may take new levels of courage like:glass ball 1500017 480
  • trying a new food
  • developing a new skill
  • driving yourself somewhere you don’t usually want to drive
  • taking action to learn/do/experience something new
Challenging yourself to try or experience one new thing, will help you to take bigger, braver steps each day.  You will then be able to tackle the really big areas where you want to empower yourself.
The true magic of self-empowerment is that by developing yourself, according to your needs, at your pace, you help yourself to grow and heal. We have all dealt with things that have left scars on us – some visible, some not.  The impact of those situations has reverberated across our lives.  Empowering ourselves begins the process of healing those scars and allowing us to live our lives by our own design.  Next we will be looking at the ways in which empowerment can heal us.

I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself to do one empowering thing every day.

What simple steps are you taking each day to empower yourself?  Let me know.  I would love to hear from you.

Be well, Be blessed