Aligning the Spiritual Body

Our spiritual bodies are our heart-center, inner voice, our guidance system, intuition and connection to our Higher self/Source/God.   It is a tie that connects our physical self and the action we can take, our emotional self and the direction we follow, and our mental self with the resulting perceptions.  When our spiritual body is whole we experience balance and are able to view the world in the best and clearest way.  We are able to take inspired action, to bring into our experience wonderful opportunities, to build strong lasting relationships, and then to feel satisfied.

The spiritual body can be summed up in the form of love – the eternal, unconditional love and acceptance that we all have access to.  Too often, due to the sometimes traumatic and tough life experiences we have had, we may find ourselves out of alignment in our spiritual bodies. 

Feelings of anger, fear and desperation mean that our spiritual body has been neglected and we are not aligned with Source.  Staying in this space leads to us experiencing more of the same.  To break free of this cycle, we start by healing our spiritual body and connecting with Source.

When last did you have a gut feeling, or instinctively know that something about a person or situation was not right?  Perhaps you listened, but most likely, as most of us have experienced, you found reasons to dismiss those feelings, and the results were not in your favor.  The guidance we receive, if we pay attention, enables us to make wise choices and take action that is in alignment with who we are.  However, we need to be open and connected to our spiritual side to be aware of that guidance.   heart 669380 640

When you are not in alignment with who you are, life feels harder, it hurts more, and this cycle continues until you are able to break free.  Are you living true to your beliefs or have others influenced your beliefs to the point that you are no longer aware of what your heart tells you?   Many of us have, at one time or another, been directed in our beliefs.  To truly heal ourselves, we need to figure out what fits us best.   

Find healing within by filling yourself up with the love from the Universe – the most powerful, unconditional force of love.  This love has no expectations or rules.  You never need to look, dress, act, or behave in a certain way to have access to this force of love.  Just your very existence means that you were created perfect and everything about your beautiful Soul is exactly the way is it supposed to be.  When you find yourself behaving in a way that pleases others, you have left that aligned space and are in disharmony in your spiritual body.  However, when you open yourself up to this eternal love, and you live your truth, you will find that the Universe collaborates beautifully with you to create your world as your heart desires it to be.

Tap the abundance of love from the Universe:

  • Find a quite space. Take a few deep breathes until you feel the world start to fall away.
  • Find something you appreciate about your life.
  • Allow this appreciation to become stronger.
  • Gently breathe and let the feeling fill you.
  • Be aware of your body and let your muscles relax.
  • Bring your hands to your heart. Feel the steady beat of your heart.
  • Allow yourself to completely relax, open your heart and be filled with the feeling of love.
  • Take a few breaths and listen to what your spiritual body needs.
  • Write down in a journal what comes to you from your inner guidance.

Use this process whenever your spiritual body feels out of alignment.

Connect with someone you love and let the beauty of this love fill your heart.  Let it remind you of what love feels like, and let it fill your being.  

How often do you connect to your inner guidance?  Share in the comments.

Be Well, Be Blessed