Healing the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra relates to wisdom, intuition, perception, inspiration, imagination, our connection to our inner being, our ability to see the bigger picture, and the way in which we see ourselves and the world.  It guides the way we create our reality, based on how we see the world.

When the third eye chakra is in balance, we are able to see things as interconnected, be more connected to Source and access our inner wisdom; receive inspiration and guidance; recognize, access and trust our intuition; have clarity of purpose; and combine emotional guidance and logic in decision making.  We are more mindful, and connected to Source.

When out of balance we may find ourselves being closed-minded, feeling blocked off from our inner guidance, experiencing  fear,  lacking purpose, struggling to make decisions, experiencing self-doubt,  having difficulty accessing our intuition, and having limiting beliefs.

The gifts associated with this chakra allow us to merge our inner being, emotional guidance and connection to Source with our outside world, creating the reality we desire.  

  • Physical gifts:  As this chakra is connected to our brain, pituitary, and pineal glands, the physical gifts revolve around wellbeing in this area including sleeping well, and having a clear, focused mind.
  • Mental gifts: being able to see the bigger picture; being mindful; experiencing wisdom; being open-minded; having  balance between our creative, emotional side and our logical, analytical side; having a strong imagination; making decisions easily; experiencing clarity of thought and having purpose. 
  • Emotional gifts: emotional balance; releasing limiting beliefs; having clear perception; feeling creative and inspired,  being self-reflective, self-confident and  insightful; being able to embrace change and growth with more ease; having calmness and trust in your future and compassion with self.
  • Spiritual gifts: perception, spiritual connection and contemplation, spiritual awareness, clear intuition, harmony between our internal and external world, access to our inner guidance, being able to determine truth from illusion,  and sometimes even clairvoyance.

The challenges associated with this chakra being out of balance affect our state of being, and our sense of peace. Third Eye brow

  • Physically challenges: trouble sleeping and having nightmares, mental fog, headaches, eye strain, clumsiness, sinus issues and disrupted circadian rhythms. 
  • Mental challenges:  being closed-minded and rigid, overthinking things, feeling depressed, letting fear guide you, struggling to make decisions, struggling to learn new things, and  difficulty concentrating. 
  • Emotional challenges: having limiting beliefs, being in denial, experiencing self-doubt or paranoia, feeling lost and without purpose, feeling stuck, lacking vision and focus, struggling to feel creative, feeling uninspired, being overly logical or overly emotional, and experiencing anxiety.
  • Spiritual challenges:  feeling disconnected from Source and your inner being, being unable to recognize your inner guidance, being distrustful of your intuition or not being able to access your intuition, having trouble seeing the bigger picture, and feeling alone.

By balancing the third eye chakra, you can live a life connected to your Highest self, creating your world in a way you desire, through your thoughts, words, actions, connection to Source and inner guidance .

A few techniques you can use to heal the throat chakra:


  • Sit comfortably in a quiet space.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. 
  • As you breathe, start by focusing on your body and the energy that flows through you. Picture a swirling indigo light moving through your body.
  • Allow this light to create a path of awareness, opening your mind to clear thought; opening your heart to Source energy; opening your being to receive inner guidance and wisdom.
  • Allow this light to wash away any limiting beliefs you have, any thoughts that do not serve you, any feelings of lack.
  • Let this light flow through your entire being, settling over your third eye area and creating a space for pure Source energy to flow through you. 
  • Feel the power of this pure energy filling your being. 
  • Now open your eyes, hold onto this feeling and start to create the reality you choose to live in.

Using light:

  • As this chakra is related to light, surround yourself with light.
  • Get out in the sunlight, allowing the brightness to wash over you, cleansing and clearing anything that feels heavy and no longer serves you.

Anchor yourself to the present moment: 

  • When you find yourself feeling distracted or lost, bring yourself back into the present moment by creating a focused awareness.
  • Close your eyes, and take few a deep breaths. Move your focus to your own body. 
  • Start by placing your hands over your heart and feel your heartbeat in your hands, hear it in your ears, sense the flow of life and energy moving through your being. 
  • Now inhale for 5 to 8 seconds and exhale for an equal length of time.  Repeat this process, focusing only on your body. 
  • Move your hands so that the palms face each other,  as if in prayer, but with space between them.  As you breathe, feel the energy build between your hands.  You are a being made of energy.  Focus on this energy to bring yourself to the present moment and create awareness of your thoughts, words and actions. 
  • Focusing on your breath whenever you get overwhelmed will help you to calm down and bring you to the present moment.


  • Start by setting the intention to open the third eye chakra.  Concentrate on your breathing. 
  • Yoga poses for this chakra include: child’s pose, downward facing dog, dolphin pose, humble warrior, warrior 1 with cow face arms,  standing forward bend, wide-legged forward fold with hand clasp, head-to-knee pose, lotus pose, plow pose and eagle pose.

Essential oils:

  • These include frankincense, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, juniper, lavender, almond blossom and vetiver


These include lapis lazuli, purple fluorite, amethyst, black obsidian, labradorite, sodalite, and azurite.

What are you doing to heal your third eye chakra?  Share and let me know.

Many Blessings




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