“Nearly every day, we are faced with difficulties, some so excruciating that we wonder if we will not only survive such an onslaught, but we wonder if we will recover to the point of thriving, not just living. “   This leads us to a turning point or crossroads.

We may need to recover lost love, money, joy, health, or just a renewed sense of self.  

What happens when a person is at the crossroads of faith and illness?  This question supposes that the individual has a belief system that will either challenge and surmount a serious illness that they face, or that person will feel so defeated and despondent that faith or belief is fleeting at best. 


These situations force us examine our lives closely – the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the feelings we really hold about ourselves; our beliefs.  In this situation that, on the surface, leaves us feeling out of control, as though someone else is at the wheel, it is in fact the most powerful place we could be. 




Because in this place, you have the most profound of gifts – a choice.  You can choose how to feel about your situation, you can choose to have faith, to persist, to find your belief system.  You may not be able to control your health, financial situation or other external forces, but you can choose your state of mind, your thoughts and your feelings on any given subject. 

Empowering yourself to make a choice allows you to change your entire trajectory. You control your state of mind and thus only you decide whether to dance or cry.  You get to choose what action you can take to move forward, past the pain, past the fear, to learn to thrive again. 

You have more control than you realize. The act of changing your thoughts, of taking a single action, of examining your truth, your internal beliefs about yourself and your life, enables you to find your power.


What will you do today to reclaim your own power


Be well, be blessed