The Decision

Living is filled with struggles and triumphs, with opportunities and disappointments, with need and fulfillment, with dynamic movement and inertia.  Each day that we are blessed to still be in the land of the living, we are gifted with an opportunity to experience our spiritual selves at work, whether we are cognizant of it or not.  When we’ve tried every road that we thought would get us to that healing or transformative place, and yet we are still left wanting or needing, where do we turn?  Where do we go?  Do we give up and acknowledge our helplessness?  choice 1799749 640Do we discover that our “arms are too short to box with God” as one playwright said or do we begin to really understand that the Universe isn’t looking for a fight, but a window that illuminates healing light energy that moves our souls and spirits to a place to merge in that healing energy? 


How do we use the power of choice?  How do we change our trajectory when we feel stuck?


You can change anything and you don’t need to change everything because the Universe asks you one question at a time.  Will you walk or run? Will you smile or yell? Will you rage or dance?  Each is an individual choice – you don’t need to know how every moment of every day of the entire month will feel or play out.  All you need to do is decide on this very moment. What will you feel in this single moment in time?  And then choose what the next moment will be like.  Start by in this moment – choosing to smile, even if you want to cry inside.  Then choose what to feel in the moment after that.  Focusing on the moment and not the entire picture gives you the control back.  It will allow you to move yourself in a new direction instead of repeating patterns and behaviors.

If you need to cry in this moment, then give yourself permission to feel that pain.  And then choose to release it.  You decide the value and significance that each experience of feeling will take on for you and how much that influences your life.  You are the writer of your story and at any time, you can change the words, rewriting your future. 

You can choose to open yourself to the healing light energy of the Universe in each moment and rewrite your tomorrow.

What is your next moment going to be?

Be well, be blessed