Daily Empowerment

We can make empowering ourselves a part of each day.  It is an act of self-care to give to ourselves daily. We deserve to feel good, be happy, and love life, no matter what our past experiences and teachings may be. 

When we choose to give to ourselves by taking a single, small action, we give ourselves permission to move forward in life instead of being stuck in our past.  We can choose to put ourselves first in this moment and take even the smallest step towards empowering ourselves.  Small steps put together create big change.

Giving to yourself is telling your body and being that it is time to heal, claim your dreams and embrace life.

Write what you are feeling right now.   Then give yourself permission not to focus on that space; to shut off the voices that don’t serve you, and expand the things that feel good.  It is just the act of making the mental decision that what happened in your past does not need to dictate your future.  Everyday is a fresh startFor the next week, take one empowering action each day – something that makes you feel good and happy, or empowers you in moving forward with something that matters to you.  Assess how you feel at the end of the week.

  • What empowers you?

It may be learning something new, getting rid of something that has negative energy, or even meditating every day.  Make a list of everything that makes you feel empowered – both the things that you will do once-off and things you can do daily.  From this list what can you add to each day to raise your vibration?  And when in your day will you do it?   It doesn’t need to be something you spend an hour on – five minutes is a great start.

  • Find the joy in each day.

Look at your calendar for tomorrow.  What can you add to your day tomorrow that will bring you joy, learning, laughter, peace or anything else that makes you happy?

  • Acknowledge your worth:

Step out of your body and look back at yourself through the eyes of a person who loves you – someone you respect and admire.  Looking at yourself through those eyes, write down everything you love about the body, mind, personality, and life of the person you are looking at.     Do this without your thinking brain and without the voices in your head denying why those things are valid. You are an amazing and beautiful soul.  Own it.

Empowering ourselves gives momentum to the healing.  When we begin to feel empowered, we feel more able to take the next steps that our hearts are calling us toward.

What makes you feel most alive when it comes to empowering yourself?

Many Blessings,