Spring Rebirth

Like the earth, we can use this coming of Spring to rebirth ourselves.  The advent of the new year brings pressure to change, and by the time April rolls around, many of us feel frustrated with ourselves for not implementing those wishes.  Spring brings an opportunity to reset – to begin anew without all the societal pressure of a new year.

We can use this time to birth the version of ourselves we want to be.  We get to identify who we want to be this season.

If you could embrace one aspect of your personality to the fullest, what would that be?Who do I want to be?  Perhaps you are introverted but within, you have another side with much to share with the world.  This would mean stepping out of your comfort zone, being in the public light, and embracing this side of yourself. 

Perhaps you have been silenced by those around you.  You may wish to step out of that space and live your truth.  What would this look like for you?

In your journal, write 3 aspects of your personality you would like to embrace more if there was no judgement or limiting beliefs preventing you from doing this.

Is there a dream burning in your heart that you wish to bring to life?   Maybe there is a part of you that you have never shared with anyone.  Is there someone safe in your life you can share this with?  If not, can you fully express it in your journal right now.

This moment is your time to choose the life you want to live.  It is your chance to build your identity one step at a time – an identity built from your truths, and not the external, sometimes well-meaning, cultural and societal influences.   

Who do you want to be?

What do you want each day to look like?

Who do you want to interact with more in your life?

Yes, rebirth means stepping out of our comfort zones.  For some of us, it might mean taking a mighty leap into the unknown, which is terrifying.  In this case, start by taking a single baby step such as just writing what you want your identity to be. This is a great start.  From there you can choose one aspect to focus on, and share with one person who allows you to feel safe, secure, and able to express yourself.  If you do not have a person like that, go to a mirror and express yourself to that beautiful soul looking back at you in the comfort of your own space. 

Release your true self to the world, and the people who are right for you will come into your world.  It may not seem true but when you take a single step towards embracing your truth, the Universe/Source/God steps with you.  This creates momentum that brings your tribe to you.

What part of yourself do you wish to embrace?  Email me and let me support you in this journey.

Many Blessings,