Embrace the Light

The organic flows of life are eternal, always undulating with time.  If we live long enough, we will face multiple crossroads.  The question is what do we believe and what will we embrace in that moment—fear and anger OR light and love?

To embrace light, means leaning to align your being with who you really are – learning to live your own truth, whatever it may be for you.yin and yang 1947878 640

You can choose to a be a victim, always the person to whom things have been done, who couldn’t take action, who was stopped by something or someone…

OR you can choose to be the survivor – the one who stands up, who takes action, who won’t give up no matter what.  Every day, you get the choice of which path you want to walk.  And each new crossroad opens up the opportunity for you to decide just who you will be.

Fear can easily become a place of comfort. Allowing fear to hold you back and dictate your actions, becomes a safe place to be – a place where you can’t be hurt, you can be let down, you don’t need to get uncomfortable or vulnerable.  Anger is another space of comfort – if you are busy being angry, there is no room for forgiveness, for truly examining your reality and your belief system.


To live in light and love, means letting go of the anger, moving past the comfort of fear, it means loudly and proudly declare your truth.


Open yourself up to the true force that you are; choose to live from a place of love.

Start with appreciation of one small thing in your life.


What are you thankful for right now?

Be well, be blessed