The Journey to Self-empowerment

In this next series we are going to be looking at the different aspects of empowerment and what you can do to empower yourself where you are right now, regardless of your circumstances – physical emotional or financial – and move towards the next step in your life.

How do you dear reader, define empowerment? 

Being empowered to me means feeling capable to do the things that I need to do to take care of myself, honouring all my accomplishments and treating myself as someone who is powerful and deserves respect.  It is about feeling the power from within as opposed to waiting for others to make me feel valuable.

I believe empowerment is both a process and a feeling.  It begins within.  We can start to take the first steps to empowering ourselves by the not-so-easy- process of really taking stock of where we are right now.

If you don’t know where you are, you cannot truly know what your next step needs to be.  While the act of looking at our lives, putting a microscope on them and examining those areas we all want to avoid looking at too closely, we already begin to empower ourselves.  This is because being brave enough to look at our current situation allows us to then see what areas we need to work on, where we are not happy, where we need to heal and, most of all, where change needs to begin so we can create the life we choose, and not one we fell into.

Let’s break this process up:

  • Get a journal or book, and write down the different areas of your life: relationships, financial, emotional state, health, career, spiritual and fears. You can add whatever other areas you feel you need – this is just a general guideline.  Then create a new section for your hopes, dreams and the vision of your life as you want it to board 520757 640
  • Start with where you want to be; what your dream life would look like.  This doesn’t have to fit a realistic idea of what you have been told, but rather what your heart and soul are crying out for.
  • Look at each area and honestly write down where you are right now.   Do not judge yourself or feel like you have let yourself down.  Just doing this exercise speaks to your inner strength and your desire to move forward.  That is what matters, not your past experiences.

You can now see what you need to do to move towards that dream life and start empowering yourself.

The most important thing to remember on the journey we are travelling is that it is your life.  It should not be based on others’ expectations, what you have been told to believe and are capable of, or even what society suggests is right for you.  It should only be based on what your soul is telling you it needs for growth.  Only your truth matters.  I will be providing the tools you can use to take those next steps towards creating your future.

How did this exercise make a difference to you? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Be well, Be blessed