Energetic creation through gratitude

When you are in a tough place, and everything seems to be going wrong, the quickest way to change the course of your day is to “reset” it. 

Being in gratitude helps us to live from a more balanced space. By practicing gratitude daily, we can give ourselves emotional balance, we can improve our physical health, keep ourselves psychologically strong and become more spiritually connected. 

In the previous four blogs, I shared the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits of practicing gratitude daily as well as a few techniques on how to do this.  By developing our “gratitude muscle” we put in balance all four areas of our being and we are able to move into creation mode.  From here, we are able to create the life we want or move forward on our path of healing to build our new life.  This space allows us to manifest into our lives what we most desire.

Gratitude is not about saying the words but truly feeling that you are grateful within.  It is about taking every moment to appreciate what you have or notice around you.  It is not a magic trick or quick fix but rather creating an energetic shift in our being.thank you 490607 640

When you are in a tough place, and everything seems to be going wrong, the quickest way to change the course of your day is to “reset” it. Simply take a moment to stop and find 5 things you truly feel grateful for – whether it is your cat, your breath, or something bigger. This will shift you from a negative state to a new energetic space and will reset the course of your day. Do this every time you feel down, unhappy, or feel like everything is going wrong.

By shifting our energetic state, we open ourselves up to functioning at our most creative and productive. This allows us to bring into our lives the opportunities, people and resources we need to move towards creating the life we choose.

Using gratitude as a tool for healing might be one of the hardest things to do.  When we have faced severe trauma, finding things to appreciate about our lives is quite the struggle.  But if you start your gratitude list small with your breath, the ability to think, move, walk and talk, it can soon become a habit to seek out things you appreciate.  If you can persist with the practice and keep it up daily, it will shift your energy into a better place, helping you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally – allowing your healing to progress.  As we seek things we are grateful for, we soon find more and more things to be grateful for.  This continued discovery helps us realize the progress we have made, the things we can yet accomplish, and gives us the strength and courage to take our next steps.

How did incorporating this practice in your life make a difference? 

Did you see any change in any area?  I would love to hear your experiences about your gratitude practice.

Be Well, Be Blessed