Facets of Resilience

We are all resilient beings, though perhaps unaware of just how much our resilience influences our lives.  Resilience is acknowledged as the power that carries us through those tough times but it has so many more facets.

Many of us have had past experiences that we faced unexpectedly.  In those cases, we were forced to choose from the paths before us and resiliently push through the situation.  We were forced by life to choose from the best of what was available to get through the difficulty.

There is another type of resilience – the resilience to create your path and choose the direction you wish to move in, instead of reacting to life.Resilience

Part of exercising our resilience is to consciously create our lives.  It is easy to stay the current path and only create change when life forces it on us unexpectedly.  For example, perhaps you feel your eating habits are poor at this moment but as your life routine is already set, there is no impetus to change your eating. However, your body disagrees – you find yourself with a diagnosis. You then change your eating habits.     

Instead, what if we call on our resilience and choose before we are forced to make the change.  Creating that change, whatever it may be, is always hard, uncomfortable, and often scary.  That is where our resilient beings support us.  We create the change because we decided we needed to, instead of waiting for something to trigger that change by force.

Make a list of things in your life you would like to change.  Perhaps it is your eating habits, or the neglecting of your being, your body or mind.

Look at each thing on this list.  What would it take to create the change you desire for each item on your list?   Using a scale from one to ten, with one being the lowest value, and ten being the highest, answer the following for each item on your list:

  • How disruptive would it be to create change?
  • How much of a positive impact would creating this change have on your life?
  • Picture your life after you have implemented this change. What is the dominant emotion that comes to you without thinking? 

If the positive impact and emotion are greater than the disruption, it is time to resiliently forge ahead and make a change.

You are a resilient being.  You have the power to create a change, and the resilience to act on it.  You are a fierce, powerful being who has thrived through resilience. I challenge you to create your life, moment by moment, choice by choice.

How are you leaning on your resilience to create your life?  Share in the comments.

Many Blessings,