Living Your Uniqueness.

We are conditioned as children to fit into the mold created by society. Most of us have learned from experience that fitting in is safe and standing out is uncomfortable.   

When we get to a place where we can embrace being uncomfortable, we experience tremendous growth.  The feeling of being uncomfortable comes from fear – fear of being different, fear of failing or not being good enough, and fear of what achieving our desires will mean.  If we can learn to be at ease with things that make us uncomfortable, we open doors to wonderful and unexpected opportunities. 

Find the ease with being uncomfortable by first making the decision that it is a normal part of life, just like a rainy day – don’t get anxious over it but accept it and adapt.   When you next find yourself in a situation that stretches you, connect with your inner being and ask yourself what your ideal outcome would be and how this result would feel.  If the feeling uplifts you, forge ahead despite the fear.  As you do this more frequently, you will become accustomed to embracing things that make you uncomfortable.  This will bring new opportunities and wonderful experiences to your life.

You were born an original.  There is no one else like you in this world.  You are a product of the environment you grew up in, the teachers, mentors and adults that raised you, and the life experiences you have had. You are your own brand These things, together with your thoughts, words, and actions, define who you are in every moment.  Perhaps you do not realize how incredibly special you are.  Perhaps past experiences have made you forget your own power and value.  There is no other being in this world who can bring the things you can to others. Even the past hurts you’ve experienced have taught you lessons that are of great value to others.

Embrace who you are in every way.  You are a beautiful Soul with much to offer others.  Who you are, how you live, who you choose to love, how you dress, and what you believe, should not be defined by what society says is acceptable.  Each of us, in our Soul, knows who we really are.  Embrace who you are at your core no matter what anyone says about it. 

The greatest freedom we can have as human beings, is the freedom to live in our personal truths.  If the people around you cannot accept and embrace who you are, it is time to branch out and find your tribe – there is a tribe of like-minded people for you.   When we begin to seek others like us, they come into our lives. We invite them in by saying yes to our own truths and living our lives in way that best serves our needs. 

Embrace your magnificence today by saying yes to a part of you that you have kept hidden for fear of judgement.  Let that part of you shine today, even in the smallest way.  Share it with someone you trust, and if you don’t have someone like that right now, go to a mirror or your journal and let that part of your personality come out. 

Say yes to you and your happiness, and no to anyone who asks you to be anything other than the person you know you really are.  Step into your light.  Go to a mirror and look into the eyes staring back at you.  Look at how beautiful that Soul is, inside and out. Give that face a smile from the heart and send all the love you can feel to that beautiful being.  You are worthy of receiving, embracing, and sharing that love.

Today I invite you to celebrate who you are throughout the day.

Many Blessings,