Rebirth, Renew, Refresh

Rebirth is a process that, while slow, will lead to predictable changes.  We can choose the trajectory of the changes by crafting the direction we wish to grow in; we can choose our personal rebirth as nature does.

In nature, a happy, well-loved plant begins from a seed, and soon a few green leaves appear.  If well-cared for, the plant begins to come to life, with buds unfurling and revealing the flower within.

Today, we can choose to take a step in the direction of new growth and birth our lives to our vision. Sign post with arrows pointing left with the words new way new life   

Take a day and examine the thoughts you think.  Can you take an old thought and make it new – rebirth it in a way that better serves you?   Write down a persistent thought and then write a better version.  Repeat this new version to yourself until it feels natural.

Look at your weekly routine, especially the mundane tasks.  Can you find something new about these tasks, or perhaps create an extra benefit while doing them?  If this task is doing the dishes, how about making it more enjoyable by listening to music or an edifying podcast while you do this? 

As with our favorite plant, we cannot watch and measure our growth.  If we did, we would find no change day-to-day. Instead, if we step back, continue to care for and feed the plant without judging it for its slow growth, we soon find a beautiful flower.

Likewise, if we attempt to measure our growth, momentum, and the benefits of our efforts, we will rarely find anything to observe along the way.  We are often tempted to measure our progress constantly, but this acts as a roadblock.  As we measure the impact of our implemented changes, we either feel discouraged or judge ourselves for not being further along, when in fact, we have made more progress than we realize. Much of our progress is happening where we cannot see it until it’s fully rebirthed, then the impact can be felt in our lives.  The magic is letting go and surrendering to our journey; living in the present moment and allowing the process to happen.

You can choose to bring renewal and rebirth to your life, starting now.  Start with one small step and watch as this action gains momentum.  Let go of measuring your progress; surrender and enjoy the journey.  The benefits will surprise you along the way!

How will you make the mundane more value-filled today?  Share in the comments.

Many Blessings,