Love yourself, Beautiful Soul!

We often forget that our lives begin with us, so much so that we put ourselves last on our list.  Many of us rarely make time to nourish our beings or check in with ourselves regarding how we feel about the things we do each day.

Creating the lives we wish to live begins with self – self-love and self-acceptance. 

You are a beautiful soul with the power to create your world as you wish it to be. You are worthy of living an abundant, blessed life, no matter what you have experience in your past.  See yourself through the eyes of Source and accept who you are fully, unconditionally.

Look in the mirror and really see your body.  What do you love about your body? Do you sBeach with a heart drawn in sandee flaws in your body?  Look at your perceived flaws and see them as you wish them to be. Your body supports you every day.  Love it back by focusing on all the things you appreciate about your body.  When you have negative thoughts about your body, focus on what you love about your body instead.

Take a moment to appreciate your incredible mind. Show appreciation for your capacity to think, reason, make decisions and create.

Perhaps there are parts of you that are outside of societal norms.  Do you fully accept yourself as you are? Show that unique part of you the love it deserves.  It is part of what makes you unique and special. Own that part of you fully and allow it to flourish.  Fully accepting who you are at your core will allow you to live a life that fits you.  Some may reject this notion of you, but your life is YOURS to choose, and should people leave, others will show up to fill the space.

When you love and accept yourself fully, you attract the relationships and people you desire in your life.

Accept who you are in every way. Shower your body and being with the same depth of love you freely give to others.

What will you do to show yourself love today?

Many Blessings,