New Beginnings

With the year just beginning, we can use this time as springboard to creating a 2022 we want to experience

Much is outside our control at this time in our world, yet there is much that we have the power to create in our own lives.

Instead of setting resolutions and then experiencing self-recrimination for not living up to everything we hoped, we can instead develop a toolkit for creating each day.

What if each day was a new beginning to start over – a chance to recreate another new day, and a dayEvery day is a fresh start that is better than the last?  This continual purposeful creation is a way of creating forward momentum toward where you want your life to go.  If your day didn’t go as planned, it’s okay, you can do it over tomorrow.  And if your day went perfectly, you can recreate that perfection tomorrow.  

Start by feeding your being:

What will you give to your body this year? Perhaps it is eating a healthier diet or exercising more.  Choose one thing, then add it to your day – make it a manageable commitment.  For example, if you wish to exercise more, perhaps get a gym membership, paying attention to how many hours a week you can practically commit to exercising.

What will you give to your being this year?   Perhaps this involves making time to meditate each day or listening to someone who inspires and motivates you. Choose a time of day that you can stick to, and feel would have the most impact for you. This could be first thing in the morning.  It might involve getting up a little earlier or replacing an existing morning routine. By creating a fixed time for this, you will find that doing it regularly becomes easy.

What will you give to your mind this year?   This may include reading more, taking course, or doing a mentally inspiring task that you have wanted to do for a while.  Pick a set time and add the activity to your calendar.

If we don’t remember to put ourselves on our calendar, we get lost in our lives.  By adding yourself to your calendar, you practice self-care, and are able to bring the best version of you to those you interact with.

This year, remember to choose YOU in your life. As you plan out each day and week, be sure to include your chosen practices.

What have you added to your day to direct the way it will unfold? Share in the comments.

Many Blessings,