Rebuilding your world within change

When we are faced with unexpected change, we suddenly need to adapt.  We can dig our heels in and fight against the change or we can flow with it.

Now that we have tools to deal with change, the next step is recreating our normal to something that works with our lifestyle and who we are.

To recreate our normal we have to figure out what works and what doesn’t. When we had to go intoYou may not be there yet but you are closer than you were yesterday lockdown in our respective countries, we learned new habits and practices.  It is a good time to look at these habits and ask yourself, “Does this habit or practice still serve me?”  If it does, and it brings you joy, and is something that makes you feel more fulfilled, keep it up.  Ask yourself, “What else can I do to support this practice?”  If a practice does not serve you, can you eliminate it?  If not, what can you replace it with that is better for you?

Make a list of all the things you do daily such as exercise, watching television, daily eating habits, etc.

Next to each item on your list, ask yourself if you are completing this task in a way that feels good and serves you.  Do you need to do this item every day?  If yes, how can you do it in a way that fits you? Are you doing it because you want to, or because of external expectation? Perhaps you are going to gym because you’ve always done this, but you don’t enjoy the exercise. If so, you may want to experience a different type of exercise such as yoga.  Perhaps you found your eating habits are unhealthy.  You can consciously choose to make healthier choices when you buy groceries. Use this technique to find the daily routines and habit that work for you, and those that don’t. 

For many people, this time in our world has left them in a state of upheaval. People are emotionally drained, mentally exhausted with what is going on around them, and life may feel like a struggle.

If you are in this space, add a daily practice first thing every morning.  Set the tone of the day you wish to have by beginning your day with a practice that leaves you fulfilled, energised and excited.  Instead of listening to the news, checking messages and email, give to yourself first. Put on an inspiring audio or meditate.  Make this a daily habit, like brushing your teeth.  At first it may feel uncomfortable or ridiculous, but as you open yourself up to an inspiring daily practice, you will start to see a shift in your state of mind. This will have ripple effect on your external environment.  

Normal can be defined by society’s standards or we can consciously choose to create a normal that fits us.  We are all shaped by our experiences and what fits others may not be right for us.   Choose to create habits, practices and days that fit who you are and what is important to you.

What daily practice do you engage in that sets the tone of your day?

Many Blessings,