Shine your light on others

You came into this world for a purpose.  You may not even know what that purpose is yet.  As you allow your light to shine and touch others, through each person you touch, you gain clarity about your path. Every day you are having dozens of interactions with people through work, family, routine errands, and purposeful interaction.  Each of those interactions is an opportunity for you to let your light shine .Become a beacon for others and touch their lives with your light.

As you walk in your light, you become a beacon for others.  You bring yourself to every person you meet and every interaction you have, whether in-person such as at the grocery store, over zoom, or on the phone.  You have the opportunity and ability to choose how that interaction or experience will go.  When you truly walk in your light, you inevitably spread that light to others.  Sometimes all it takes to change another’s day is something as simple as a heartfelt smile. 

There are times when we have to deal with a difficult circumstance or person.  At those times, we can choose to barrel through, or to shine our light on the person we are dealing with.  When we are feeling frustrated or stressed, it can feel hard to shine our light.  At those times, we need to press pause on our thoughts, re-center, and then begin again.

To shine your light on others.
  • In every interaction, choose to come from a place of love without expectation.

  • When dealing with a person that you find difficult, choose to see them in a new light. What one good quality can you find about them that you may not have noticed before?  Sometimes those things that annoy us overshadow the good side of people.  If we can come from love, and find that quality or aspect of the person, no matter how small, we can appreciate them instead. We can shift our interaction in a positive, forward-moving direction.

  • Take time to breathe. As you move through your day, if it is a chaotic sort of day, instead of becoming frantic and spinning more out of control, take a moment to pause. Take a few deep breaths, and release the tension and stress.  

  • When you are feeling stressed or unhappy, take five minutes to do a quick gratitude practice. Think of five things you can truly feel grateful for in that moment.  As you go through each one, really feel  the feelings of gratitude.  Allow these feelings to expand as you move down the list.  When you are done, you will have shifted yourself to a better and brighter place.

Shining your light on others lets you bring the best of who you are to each interaction, and allows you to bring out the best in your experience of that person too.  Everyone wins.

In what way have you shined your light on another today?    Share in the comments and let us together light up the world.

Many Blessings,