Walking in your Light

We all come into this world with gifts, passions, dreams and callings. 

Sometimes in pursuing our calling, or using our gifts, we may find that we make people uncomfortable.  Perhaps the passion you have does not sit well with those around you.  But if it lives in your heart and if you can dream it, love it and care about it, then it is meant to be.

Never let anyone dim your light. People around you may getWalk in your light - never dim your light anyone! uncomfortable when you begin to grow and change because they feel you are upsetting the status quo. Sometimes they may feel jealous or threatened by the change in you and your life. With those who do not support you on your path, whether that path is healing, growing or pursuing a passion, you have choice.  You can choose to move forward and let go of such people, or you can love them from afar.  Protect your passions and dreams – nurture them by having supportive people around you. Seek out like-minded people who will allow your light to shine. 

To walk into your light, you need to make a conscious choice to fully claim who you are. Take a look at the people you have surrounded yourself with.  Ask yourself if they are helping you grow and heal, and supporting your dreams.  If not, take actions to find a tribe that fits you.  There is a tribe for every single person in this world, and if we decide to seek out like-minded people, we will find them.  If someone matters to you but they are forcing you to dim your light, have a conversation with them – perhaps they don’t understand where you are headed, and wish to protect you.  If they still cannot understand after the conversation, love them from afar while you go after your dream.  

What dream, passion or calling do you have within you right now that you have not yet pursued? 

  • Make a list of everything that lights you up. 
  • From this list, what calls to you the most?   Get a journal and at the top of the page, write that item down.
  • Next, list what you need to make it happen.  List every single thing that comes to mind, no matter how big or small.
  • Now order that list into things you can do right now.  Take one small step of action towards your dream.

Your dream, calling or passion will make the world better by you sharing it.  Allow yourself to fully walk in your light – when you do, you light the path for every life around you.   Every great dream, every invention or organization, started with someone who refused to let anyone dim their light.  Shine brightly in your world, and light up the life of every person around you.

What are you called to pursue right now?  Share in the comments below.  I support you in shining your light in this world.

Many Blessing,