Shining a light on truth

A light is being shined on things we may not have been aware of, things that we didn’t think could happen in our world and what we know to be truth, reality and fact are no longer so.

With the turbulent times we living in, where we are questioning what we thought we knew, we are left experiencing a sense of unbalance, of having to relearn and rediscover our core beliefs, re-examine who we associate with, and re-look at what we actually do know and have now learned.

We are more connected and informed about the lives of others globally. By just clicking a button we can find all the information on anything we might want to know. We can no longer stay ignorant to the truths, the pain and reality of your fellow humans.

However choosing to educate yourself means that you grow from the learning, and in so doing, you are forced to take a closer look at who you surround yourself with and what really matters to you.

Be brave. Relearning what is, is a scary, overwhelming thought. But our truths are ever-changing as we experience life and evolve as people. It may even feel as if everything is changing at once.Shining a light on truth

Here are a few action steps to help.

  • Take a deep breath. Center yourself using a method that works for you. Take time each day just for you, even if it is 5 minutes to allow yourself to check in with your emotions and do one thing to recharge your battery.
  • Make the effort to educate yourself about the lives of those you think you know about. Take time to understand a person before you make a judgement about them. What makes them different to you, may be your greatest teacher.

  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you make. You will make them. We all do. But true courage means that you take action to do what you need to, in order to better the situation, and then allow the healing in.

  • Have courage enough to say what you feel and be ready to apologize if you unknowingly say something offensive or hurtful. It is easy to shy away from the hard conversations, and allow ignorance to rule your thinking out of fear of being misunderstood. However, by having the conversation, and opening communication about subjects that you are not truly familiar with, you learn, grow, and together you and the other person experience a journey of healing. Sometimes the simplest words from someone of a different culture who made the effort to talk to you can mean the most.

  • Let go of people who no longer uplift you and serve your being; people whose beliefs, you discover, contradict your core beliefs. This can be extremely difficult and painful. Sometimes we get comfortable with the people we surround ourselves with and overlook things we should not. While letting go is not easy, it is vital to your well-being and will heal you in beautiful and unexpected ways.

    When we connect with people, share stories and have conversations, it makes a difference. It is through learning from one another and sharing our truths that our world grows and heals, enabling everyone to have better lives.

Who do you choose to learn from today?

Be Well, Be Blessed