Sharing the music of your soul

As we move forward on your journey of learning, healing and growing, we have the unique opportunity to design our life a step at a time, a day at a time.

The music of our souls is the most perfect sound that exists.  You exist because you are meant to,

Sharing the music of your soul

 because you have much to share, learn and teach.  Sharing who you are can be terrifying.   You may feel as though life has dented you a little.  You were not made to be perfect in every way.  Each day and with each interaction, you have touched another life, another soul.  Feeding your soul enables you to bring your music to others’ lives.

What do you need right at this moment?

I do not refer to anything material or financial, but rather, what does your soul need?

  • Start by examining your emotions as an indicator of where you are.  Next , close your eyes, take a deep breath and shut out all the white noise.  What do you need in this very moment?  Perhaps you are feeling unbalanced, or scared, or lost; maybe you need something as simple as connecting to another.  Take a moment and approach this exercise as if you were helping a dear friend.  With a friend you would allow them time to express their needs and then do what you could to help them fulfill that need.  Do the same for yourself.   You matter.  Your well-being is vital.  It is essential to pause, take time away from things that don’t fill you, and instead give yourself anything that brings healing to you.
  • You might wish to make your voice heard.  Do you want to be part of the change happening? You don’t have to be the person with the loudspeaker or out on the streets actively making difference.  Start with the people closest to you – your family, district or county.  Something as simple as talking to someone from a different area can educate both of you and expand your world.  Using your voice in any way, such as through your blog or social media, and engaging others, makes a difference. 
  • Perhaps you feeling stuck in a rut; feeling as though you live in world you can’t recognize and don’t know how to fit into.  Many people can identify with this.  Start by getting to know who you are at your core – what your fears, your dreams, your heart’s desires and hopes for yourself are.  In so doing, you will find what you are seeking. Discovering yourself takes one single action each day. No matter how small, do something for you.  You will begin to feel empowered and excited about life.
  • Maybe you have experienced trauma.  This leaves a deep mark and changes one.  Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself for your perceived mistakes, allow yourself time to heal. Most importantly, give yourself what you need to heal – not what is suggested to be right for you, but what you truly feel you need.  Going though hardships and dark experiences teaches us, as nothing else does, who we are at our core.  These experiences show us how strong and capable we really are.   People need OUR music most.

You are a beautiful and special soul with your unique music.  Don’t ever forget it!

What does your soul need today?

Be Well, Be Blessed


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  1. This is one of the most uplifting and power messages i have taken in ,in a long time. Thank you.

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