Shining Your Light

While the past 14 months have been filled with turmoil for most of us, we have also been given the gift of being tossed out of our comfort zones, shaking up our personal world.

In this space of newness, of re-establishing our routines and habits, we also get to redefine who we are in our world. 

If you don’t already know this, the world needs your light.  Who you are – the unique, imperfectly perfect person you are right now – is what the world needs.  

Every person you meet, every interaction you have, is an opportunity for you to shine your light particularly  when it’s being challenged.

Claim who you are fully and step into your light. Shining your lightNever dim your light for anyone.  Those who truly care for you want you to shine.  You deserve to shine your light fully and absolutely in every part of your life.  Don’t settle for less.  It may not be easy to shine your light, for fear of hurting others, Or of being hurt,but you come first in your life.  People who care will transition with you.  The only way you can give to others is to give to yourself first.

Step into your light by asking yourself:
1. In what way are you holding yourself back from shining?  
2. What can you do to allow yourself to shine in this area?
3. How can you remove the obstacles that are holding you back?
Today, chose an action of self-care that helps you move forward in shining your light.
In what way are you choosing to shine your light today?

Many Blessings,