Step 9. Taking a fearless and moral inventory of self

Dear Reader, one of the toughest journeys we face in life is the journey of self-discovery.

Truly knowing, understanding and accepting oneself is something we as human beings spend our lives attempting to achieve.

But it is not just a matter of knowing yourself – to truly grow into your best you, you need to be honest with yourself about yourself. And that is the hard part.

To really know and accept who you are – something that is vital to your success, to discovering your power, and living a joyous and happy life filled with sacred relationships – you need be fearless and truthful with yourself.

So how does one do this?

Step 9. Taking a fearless and moral inventory of self:

Agree to be in constant exploration and evaluation of yourself –honestly evaluate yourself.9. source 1100779 340

Be committed to apologizing when necessary and coming back to admit when you are wrong. Say you are sorry and take responsibility for your story/issues/illusions and wounds.

Make amends where it is necessary.

Know that it is okay to be wrong, vulnerable, and imperfect.

Be committed to your personal awareness.

Stop whatever you are doing at this moment, find a quite space, and acknowledge that you are important, special and worthy. Now take the next ten minutes to spend with yourself taking a fearless moral inventory of you.


  • What have you discovered about you, dear Reader? Be honest with yourself.
  • Based on your discoveries, what can you do right now in your life to improve yourself or your situation?