Step 8. Establishing pre-forgiveness

Dear Reader, take a moment to think back on your life about the relationships you have been in…

Every person can attest to having inadvertently hurt another person at some time in their lives. It was not done deliberately or intentionally, but we did cause pain.  We have also been hurt by those closest to us.

We sometimes tend to hold our partner’s behavior against them, behaving as though their actions were intentional.

In every relationship, it is impossible to avoid hurting each other altogether.

So how do you deal with that aspect of partnership?

Step 8. Establishing pre-forgiveness:

Know that even when you have hurt each other, it was not intentional.  But, as humans, we hurt others, particularly those we love. 8. forgiveness 1767432 340

Allow room for mistakes, provided that the individual is taking responsibility for their personal growth. 

Holding on to anger and resentment is like keeping a SCORE CARD.  Know that whatever ill behavior is displayed is done from the “lower self”.  Have your experience and move on. 

Be Spontaneous and instantly committed to forgiving each other. 

Do not enable each other to be “just human”, remember that as spiritual beings we have limitless ability to love, understand, and forgive – while taking responsibility and asking for forgiveness.

Claim loving kindness at all times.


  • Dear Reader, do you find yourself holding on to anger and resentment?  Think about this and answer honestly.
  • Do you have someone you need to forgive in your life?
  • What can you do to remind yourself to let go and forgive your partner?

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