The Spirit of Motherhood

In many parts of the world, we celebrate Mother’s day this month, in honor of all mothers.

Motherhood is defined as the state of being a mother, or the qualities and spirit of a mother.

Mothers come in so many ways.  All of us have mothers.  We are blessed in our daily lives by the gifts of Mother Earth – we are given food, shelter, growth and life. Mothers are not only those who gave birth to children, but those who are a guiding influence in children’s lives – through adoption,  fostering,  and in other ways. 

I believe it is most critical for survivors of trauma and abuse to mother ourselves. Not everybody has had good enough mothering for whatever reason.  Some they may have been raised by harmful mothers that lack emotional and spiritual equilibrium.  If you have experienced that, don’t let it define you.  You can set yourself free by mothering yourself.

Each of us, in our way, can embody the spirit of motherhood, no matter our gender.

Mothers experience the unconditional love of their children, and manyMotherhood is love return it freely.  For every person we deal with, and every interaction we have, we can bring the gift of unconditional love to the person or experience.  In doing so, we create a winning experience for ourselves.

The strength of a mother is unmatched – a mother whose child is in danger or hurting will battle demons and slay dragons to help to help their child.  Carrying the future of a little person requires unfathomable strength.  We too can channel this strength as we move through life.  You already have the strength to do whatever you need.  Believe you can move your mountains and you will.

Like mothers care for their children, the instinct to protect and support those we care about is a natural one.  Take a moment and think about someone you may have blessed with an act of kindness today – a friend that you are supporting through a tough time or a loved one you are lending strength to.  All this embodies the fierce instinct to protect those we love.

The most recognized quality of mothers is the ability to nurture.  We all have the opportunity to nurture others though acts of kindness.  Most of us do that without thinking about it.  When we consciously and unconditionally show love and kindness to others, we raise our vibration and create positive momentum in our own lives.

Regardless of whether you are a mother to a child or not, you can still embody the qualities that make a mother special. 

To all of you who are mothers, may you continue to shine your light and brighten the lives of the generations beyond.

To those of you who do not have children, may you brighten the lives of others and may your life be brightened by others, through the flow of the spirit of motherhood.

By living the qualities of unconditional love, allowing our strength to flow, and showing kindness to all beings, we can change the world around us.

What does motherhood represent to you?  Share in the comments.

Many Blessings,