We are love

At this time in our world, we need to remind ourselves that we are all connected to each other.  No matter who we are, where we come from, or the language we speak, we all share commonalities. 

These include the desire for safety and love; the heartfelt wish to create the best; safest and just world for us all.  We all have hopes, dreams and things we need to heal from (physical, emotional or both).

we are love and we are loved

For the next week, try the following:

Remind yourself that you ARE love.

  • You are a being made up of love.  Keep this in mind in all interactions, even with self.  
  • Bring that love to every person and experience you have.  We are in this together.

Look for all the love in your life.

  • Identify all the ways you are loved.
  • Recognize and perhaps even acknowledge all the people who love you and the different ways in which they love you.

Be Well, Be Blessed