Rebirth, Renew, Refresh

Rebirth is a process that, while slow, will lead to predictable changes.  We can choose the trajectory of the changes by crafting the direction we wish to grow in; we can choose our personal rebirth as nature does. In nature, a happy, well-loved plant begins from a seed, and soon a few green leaves appear.  …

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Spring Rebirth

Like the earth, we can use this coming of Spring to rebirth ourselves.  The advent of the new year brings pressure to change, and by the time April rolls around, many of us feel frustrated with ourselves for not implementing those wishes.  Spring brings an opportunity to reset – to begin anew without all the …

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Blooming within

We need to recognize and celebrate our growth and be aware that we have moved forward in our lives.  Even if this growth does not bring noticeable change to our lives, it still moves us forward.

Spring Within

Let this time become the change of season within your being.

New Year’s Blank Slate

The season of winter is a time to be quiet, introspective, and evaluative.  It is a time to let your soul rest as it prepares for the new year.  We have just passed the winter solstice – an opportunity to look within, to listen to the wants and needs of your being, and discover and …

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