The Enlightened…Conversations with Santa

The EnlightenedConversations with Santa

nature, tress, mountains, water
Mountains behind a large lake surrounded by trees.
Nature, mountains, rainbow, river, sunrise

Nature as a teacher

Just as all beings get a chance to renew themselves with the dawn of each new day, so do you. You can start from this moment and decide what direction you want your life to take.

Meditation healing

Ripples of Healing

We get to choose the path our life will take.  No matter where you are or what you have been through, you can choose what the next moment will be for you. Choose to love yourself and others.

positive words

Loving yourself starts with acknowledging that where you are right now is okay.  You get to choose to move forward.  You get to decide from the very next moment what direction your life will take. Love yourself with the same care you love others; show yourself the same kindness and respect that you give others.


You cannot help anyone else until your fill your own cup first. Nurturing yourself starts with putting yourself on your to-do list. No matter where you are right now, or what your financial situation is, you can still give time to your being.  Nurturing yourself is the most healing action you can take for yourself.

Motherhood is love

Mothers come in so many ways. Mothers are not only those who gave birth to children, but those who are a guiding influence in children’s lives - through adoption,  fostering,  and in other ways.  Each of us, in our way, can embody the spirit of motherhood, no matter our gender.

Be your own spotlight

Be your own spotlight.

No matter what you have been through in your past, the only voice that should be guiding you into your future is your own.  Ultimately no one else knows you like you know yourself. You deserve to let go of anything holding you back.  You deserve to live a life of joy, abundance and peace.