Conversations with Santa

Holistically healing our bodies

  To consciously create the life we desire, we need to first understand what we have the ability to influence within ourselves.  Knowing how to access and heal the different bodies that compose our beings, allows us to create complete harmony in our lives.  Let’s break this down into our various bodies – our physical …

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The Elements of Healing

We are beings of made up of energy.   This energy is ours to direct and control as we choose.  All around us, nature speaks to us.  Connecting to the elements can center us and also reminds us that we are really never alone.  Life exists all around us. By deeply connecting with these elements, we …

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The Ties That Bind

Our world is in flux and with so many changes, it has become a struggle to hold on to what we know as normal.  We are also having our eyes opened to the struggles and pain so many face daily.  All this change, all this pain, can leave us feeling lost and unbalanced. No matter …

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Seeking Love

Sharing love, kindness and understanding with another is the simplest and most powerful way to change our world.

We are love

At this time in our world, we need to remind ourselves that we are all connected to each other.  No matter who we are, where we come from, or the language we speak, we all share commonalities.  These include the desire for safety and love; the heartfelt wish to create the best; safest and just …

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Shining a light on truth

A light is being shined on things we may not have been aware of, things that we didn’t think could happen in our world and what we know to be truth, reality and fact are no longer so. With the turbulent times we living in, where we are questioning what we thought we knew, we …

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