The Enlightened…Conversations with Santa

The EnlightenedConversations with Santa

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To fully function we need our vessel, our physical body, to be

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  To consciously create the life we desire, we need to first

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We are beings made up of energy. Parts of who we are

Earth my body. Water my blood. Air my breath And Fire my Spirit Based on a Native American chant

The Elements of Healing

We are beings of made up of energy.   This energy is ours

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Most people move through their days laser-focused on their to-do lists and

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The Ties That Bind

Our world is in flux and with so many changes, it has


Seeking Love

Sharing love, kindness and understanding with another is the simplest and most powerful way to change our world.

we are love and we are loved

We are love

At this time in our world, we need to remind ourselves that

Sharing the music of your soul

As we move forward on your journey of learning, healing and growing,