The EnlightenedConversations with Santa

Reclaiming Joy

For those of us who have been through trauma, finding joy through

I feel...

Feeling your way forward

In our crazy new world we need to take time to ask

What do I need?

Connecting to self

When last did you take time to assess yourself?  By now, most

Building your support tribe

Keep your dream alive by creating a supportive tribe who cheers for you. 

Today is a good day to realize your dreams

Once you know what your dreams are, you can begin to take

follow your dreams, they know they way

Embracing the Dream

Your dreams are gifts from your highest self, the voice of your soul. Part of healing is developing the knowing that you deserve to have the best, that you do have the right to your every dream, and that nothing is off limits to you, no matter what you have been through.

Your past never defines your future

The Right to Dream

You came into this world for a purpose - living that purpose begins with the dreams in your heart.   Your dreams cannot be right or wrong.  No one else can tell you how your dreams should look or what they are allowed to be.  The only person who can give you permission to have your dream, is you.

You are enough

A step at a time

No matter what your past is, you are worthy.  Happiness is your birthright.  Healing is your purpose.  You are loved.

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

What does personal power mean to you? Personal power is knowing your