Nurturing is Breathing

Nurturing is like breathing.  Without breath we cannot live; without nurturing ourselves, we don’t connect with life. We often think of nurturing in the context of a mother caring for her child.  Nurturing is the act of caring for and protecting your chosen charge to help them thrive.  Most of us find it easy to …

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New Beginnings

What if each day was a new beginning to start over – a chance to recreate another new day, and a day that is better than the last?

Nurturing Yourself and Others

You cannot help anyone else until your fill your own cup first. Nurturing yourself starts with putting yourself on your to-do list. No matter where you are right now, or what your financial situation is, you can still give time to your being.  Nurturing yourself is the most healing action you can take for yourself.

Self-care to feed your soul

When last did you practice the ritual of self- care? What does self-care mean to you? To some is might be making time to meditate or do some yoga.  To others it could be taking time to be quiet and go deep within – finding their truth.  However deep you choose to go, self-care is …

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